Adorable moment Nigerian woman gets marriage proposal on her 61st birthday (VIDEO)

Adorable moment Nigerian woman gets marriage proposal on her 61st birthday (VIDEO)

Netizens left astonished as Nigerian woman gets marriage proposal on her 61st birthday, raising the hope of  those who are still yet to get married.

The video captures the celebratory moment the woman was cheering and jubilating with her friends when they suddenly brought her attention to the proposal.


She turned around and discovered her partner was on his knee with a proposal ring, professing his love to her. The celebrant expressed surprise, looking confused amidst her friends.

The viral video shows her friends embracing and celebrating her as they inclined her to accept his proposal. Massive jubilation ensued immediately after she accepted her partner’s marriage proposal. The majority emerged to film the romantic moment as it became a double celebration.

The video has encouraged many single youths searching for a lifelong partner with viewers stating that love doesn’t care about age. Social media users opined that the woman’s happy moment is a source of hope for single youths.

Many applauded the aged partner for kneeling to propose as they berated young men who suggested kneeling is taboo and disrespectful to a man’s status.

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@nikkynails Make I take this video hold body😩😩 Hope still dey for me shaaa💃💃💃

@bamike___He didn’t say I’m too big to kneel o but our dear young millionaire will always find excuses that makes no sense 😒

@mzxty8 Her friends sef na something, see the way they turned her.. 😅 You must take this ring o

@mos2hot So sweet, at that stage in their lives, all they both need is just company and love. Bravooo

@kiitekiisha Love knows no age or boundaries, it can find you anytime, anywhere

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