“Baby number two on the way” – Man takes his wife out clubb!ng 2 months after childbirth (WATCH)

"Baby number two on the way" – Man takes his wife out clubb!ng 2 months after childbirth (WATCH)

A Nigerian man has stirred controversy online after he took his wife out clubbing 2 months after childbirth.

The man who identifies as @sunshi9 disclosed that his wife was experiencing Postpartum depression, 2 months after childbirth. He made the decided to take her clubbing to relieve her from the anxiety.

He noted that her cheerful and happy moments while clubbing gave him the hint to plan more fun-filled occasions with his wife. He had told his wife to dress like a baddie rather than a nursing mother.

In the video shared, the nursing mother was recorded taking alcohol shots with her favourite cream alcohol drink while holding a shisha pipe in another clip.

Netizens react to the video as many criticize his wife for drinking alcohol while nursing a baby. While some applaud the man’s gesture towards his wife, others emphasize the outing could lead to another pregnancy.

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@veralee7 Postpartum depression can be serious.. thank you for making her smile

@mykehoneyland Alcohol 🍸 is not for nursing mothers or lactating women…terrible and irresponsible act

@adaqqu_jay Thank your for making her smile but she isn’t meant to take alcohol cos she’s breastfeeding 😂😂😂

@ectascy Baby number two on the way 😂

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