Bauchi Gov’t To Increase Stalls In Central Market To 2000

Bauchi Gov't To Increase Stalls In Central Market To 2000

The Bauchi State Government has unveiled a plan to increase the 700 stalls capacity at the Bauchi Central Market to 2,000 as a measure towards accommodating more traders when the reconstruction of the market commences later in the month.

This will boost the president capacity of the market with additional 1,300 market stalls.

General Manager, Bauchi State Marketing and Terminal Management Company, Alh. Mohammed Sizwe, while unveiling the plan to rebuild the Central market, said that the reconstruction would be undertaken in phases so as not to temper with the market commercial activities.

Alh. Kabir told journalists in Bauchi on Sunday, that the state government has acquired a site at the Kurmi Quarters which is adjacent to the Central Market where traders of the market first phase would be relocated to pave way for the reconstruction of the first phase.

“The government has acquired some houses at the Kurmi quarters that will have their dissolution to end by mid May this year to shelter traders from the Central market to allow for the reconstruction of the Central market to start in earnest by the middle of this month,” the General Manager said.

He explained that compensations for the dissolving houses have already been paid and vacating owners of the houses were allowed to take all pieces of their dissolved houses if they wanted to use them.

He further assured that the reconstruction of the market which will be undertaken in four phases, is due for completion within reasonable time within the present administration in the state.

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