“B@ddie wey be electrician” – Fǝar looms as female student connects l!feless wire with her mouth (WATCH)

"B@ddie wey be electrician" – Fǝar looms as female student connects l!feless wire with her mouth (WATCH)

A female student scares many as she connects a lifeless wire with her mouth due to the lack of power supply in her hostel.

In the video shared, a lady @Pret.tymena noted that there was no light in their hostel and her friend had to improvise in a surprising manner.

She wrote,

pov: we don’t have light in my hostel so my Friend had to improvise

The video circulating online showed her friend using her mouth to cut off a lifeless wire and then connecting it to another wire connected to a cable changeover.

The video has thrown many into fear as netizens were concerned about an unexpected power supply that could lead to electrocution. Many speculated that the connection could lead to a fire outbreak in the hostel; the innocent act of connecting the wire could lead to a heartbreaking event.

See reactions below,

@theosasboy Make small power pass through that her teeth first 😂😂😂😂

@lajesco_d Light wey no dey der house since dem pack in. Person wey no even know positive to negative.

@jess2chi It’s all fun and laughter till a spark ⚡️ goes off then the real content happens 🤦‍♀️

@king_teoby Hope it was isolated before you put am for mouth? Please, be very careful ooo !!! 🙏🙏🙏

@royals_garden__What if?
Like what if?
What if nepa come bring light with the wire for her teeth ?😢

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