Boss reacts as his employees dress in his signature style to work (VIDEO)

Boss reacts as his employees dress in his signature style to work (VIDEO)

A boss was astonished to enter his office and see his three female employees dressed just like him down to the footwear.

Mischievously, the workers in unanimous agreement decided to replicate their boss’ dress style to work, and this they did.

Each wore a red polo shirt, jean knickers, and slide footwear. One even went extra to wear a wig cap to insinuate his bald head.

This action was quite hilarious as the boss was at first confused and then found it very funny. The video shows his employees lovingly taunting and mimicking him.

Netizens marvel at the level of friendliness the boss interacted with his workers and how the former was quite expressive around him.

Read some of the reactions to this video:

@ChuksOhaxx: You will just know he is a nice boss. I want to see female boss recreate too😭

@steezy10_: You’ll just know that happiness lives in this workplace and they are mad productive too

@chris57369: lmao if na me sack straight, this is playing, but wat kind of playin is this

@ObianujuMenkiti: Nah.. this is so sweet. Now tell me why to come work, deliver and be a good staff no go sweet them. A good workplace and boss is one hard thing to find…


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