Bride’s R@unchy Bridal Shower Sparks Controversy Online (WATCH)

Bride's R@unchy Bridal Shower Sparks Controversy Online (WATCH)

In a viral video that has set Nigerian social media ablaze, a bride-to-be is facing backlash over the unthinkable activities that took place at her bridal shower.

The video, shared by an event planner on TikTok, shows the bride and her friends engaged in what many are calling “unthinkable” behavior during the celebratory gathering.

The video reveals the women partaking in multiple shots of alcohol, playing suggestive games, and even using adult toys – all in the presence of the future Mrs.

While some social media users have applauded the bride for openly expressing her happiness ahead of her wedding, the majority have condemned her actions as inappropriate and unbecoming of a soon-to-be Wife.

Others have rushed to the bride’s defense, arguing that she should be free to celebrate her upcoming marriage however she sees fit.

As the debate rages on, the video has undeniably captivated the attention of netizens, stirring heated reactions

Here are some reactions from viewers:

@gsabram7 : “You expect her to act saint cause she’s getting married but you forget she’s marrying someone like her.”

@FavouriteCoco2 : “Too sexual Nawa oo. The pen!ses is too much.”

@jagabanolu : “What kind of hell is this on earth again? Bunch of stewpid people.”

@PearlOluwafunke : “When men are together, they enjoy their own privacy alone with alcohol, vibes and that’s It..sometimes they enjoy the party with”strippers”

@bolabakess : “I love that ladies are always picking friends that match their lifestyle for their parties none will be looking unconnected😂😂😂,awon Omo ire bi iyan.”


Watch the video below:




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