Caucasian man celebrates his healthy-looking father as he turns 101 

Caucasian man celebrates his healthy-looking father as he turns 101 

The post of a Caucasian on the microblogging platform X has garnered the attention of many after he shared that his father is 101.

The man who identifies as @AlexandreRiley had shared a picture online to celebrate his father’s birthday as he turned One hundred and One.

He wrote in the caption; “My old man is 101 now. He just keeps going!”

The post quickly went viral, as the majority got captivated by his father’s age and physical appearance.

According to them, his father is in good shape and looks energetic for somebody who just turned 101.

While they shared heartfelt birthday wishes in the comments, others couldn’t help but admire his father’s well-being.

Below are some of the comments;

@Mpowered369:  Happy Birthday my dad turns 100 today also. We are two lucky guys to still have them.

@ldjLars:  I just became no 101 to like this post between my Old man turned 99 this month, and he also keeps going. They’ve seen some shit. When asked what really rocked the world he answered “railroads”.

@A_Rom23:  Is this real? What are the top things you’ve learn from your dad? Amazing – and don’t believe it’s a coincidence!

@HelenAlfredi:  Wow. Just look at this man at 101! And looking happy and content, Wishing you more grace

@issNizz:  101 I CANNOT BELIEVE MY EYES THIS IS THE BEST CASE OF BLACK DON’T CRACK I DONE EVER SEEN YO, I’ve seen 50 year olds, 60 year olds that look older than him, what an achievement, great man right there


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