Commissioner Cautions Kano Residents On Rainwater

Commissioner Cautions Kano Residents On Rainwater

The Kano State commissioner for Health, Dr Abubakar Yusuf, has cautioned residents to be mindful of the rainwater they use for drinking and other domestic purposes to prevent the outbreak of cholera.

This is even as the commissioner urged them to also examine whatever they consume especially fruits and vegetables to save themselves from taking contaminated food or water especially now that the rainy season has fully set in.

The health ministry’s spokesperson, Ibrahim Abdullahi, made this known in a statement issued to journalists on Friday.

According to the statement, the commissioner noted that the rainy season usually comes up with cholera complications as seen in some states in the country, hence the need to warn and remind the people to take caution emphasizing that “prevention is better than cure.”

“It is important for people to understand that rainwater at the beginning of the rainy season is unclean. If one must use it, it must be purified using water treatment substances, including boiling and filtering, before use. This will help greatly to safeguard people against the bondage of cholera.

“People should always wash vegetables and fruits thoroughly with clean water before consumption. This is because they are mostly purchased from the markets with little cleanliness.”

Dr Yusuf assured them of Governor Abba Yusuf’s commitment to prioritising the health of the citizens and urged them to report to the nearest health facility if they fall ill.

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