Drama as man m@sturb@tes in a public car beside a female passenger (VIDEO)

Drama as man m@sturb@tes in a public car beside a female passenger (VIDEO)

A shocking video capturing a man masturbating in a public car while sitting close to a lady passenger has raised alarm for sexual discipline in public spaces.

The video clip shows the lady capturing the man playing with his sensitive part when she confronted him for his disgusting act. She proceeded to hurl insults at him, telling him to control his urge till he got to his residence.

The lady queried him for masturbating close to her, however, the young man responded that he owned his body and could enjoy himself anywhere he deemed fit.

Suddenly, the man attacked her physically which led to a fight, leading to the intervention of other passengers. He further threatened to arrest her, claiming he was a policeman.

The two passengers proceeded to throw shade throughout their journey in the vehicle.

Many have criticized the lady passenger for recording the man’s sexual moment instead of minding her business. Netizens opined that a lot of people lack self-control in public spaces while others noted that the man could be suffering from sexually transmitted disease.

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@chinedu.dum_dum What he is doing is wrong. However, madam suppose look front. Nothing concern her so far he didn’t touch her. Na aproko cause all these. Even if she wanted to talk she for stay far away from him

@quincy_nells I love that she showed his Face πŸ‘ at least his family and friends will see him πŸ’ƒ

@ladyjasminec If you check really well he’s not an officer, he’s just saying that to intimidate her ! πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

@brodaajon she over do…. this man may be suffering from infection like staphylococcus

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