Ebonyi Assembly Bans Spiritual Cleansing, Witchcraft Deliverance Crusade

2025 AFCON

Ebonyi State House of Assembly has banned all forms of crusades on spiritual cleansing and witchcraft deliverance through prophecies by clerics in Izzi Clan.

At its plenary yesterday at the Assembly complex, Nkaliki, the lawmakers said instances of crusades for spiritual cleansing and witchcraft deliverance in Izzi clan had become disturbing.
In a motion brought before the House by the member representing Izzi West State Constituency, Hon.

Godwin Abiri, he said the practice had threatened lives, led to the destruction of property, and caused looting and lawlessness in the constituency.

Hon Abiri expressed sadness over the breakdown of law and order in Agharaoza Village, Ndi-Ebo Ezzainyimagu, in the Izzi local government area, following the prophecies and other activities of a particular prophet.

He explained that the youths of Agharaoza Village had brought the prophet to the community for a spiritual cleansing to expel witches and wizards from the community.

“On that fateful day, the prophet prophesised that one Chief John Ekpono and others tied the destinies of the youths, which was the reason, none of them is progressing, while Ekpono and his children are the only rich people.

“This prophecy ignited a serious breakdown of law and order in the village as the youths went on a rampage, destroying Chief Ekpono’s houses and that of his three wives and looting all his property, including cash.

“The roads leading to the village were blocked, and ditches dug, to prevent movement of people, in and out of the village.
“It took the timely intervention of the council chairman, Barr Steve Nwankpa, to save Ekpono and all his family members as he ensured his rescue from the rampaging youths,” the lawmaker said.

Abiri said while Ekpono is currently taking refuge in Abakaliki, the state capital, some of the suspected youths were arrested by the police but regretted that the whereabouts of the prophet and his members were unknown.

“Fake prophets have taken advantage of the people’s gullibility to instigate crisis in the land. Such a barbaric act has been a sad occurrence in so many communities of Izzi Clan. Mr Speaker, my colleagues, if urgent steps are not taken to stop all those fake prophets of doom, who capitalise on the gullibility of our people to wreak havoc in our communities, their activities will bring more harm than good and cause the breakdown of law and order in our communities.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise to move a motion that fake prophets, including prophecy, be banned henceforth throughout the three local government areas of Izzi land. Any village or community which may wish to engage in the activity of any pastor henceforth must get the approval of the local government chairman, coordinators of DCs, town union presidents and documents duly signed by the village head and the stakeholders before such crusade or prayers will be allowed to hold,” he said.

Other members of the House supported the motion.

The speaker, Hon Odanwu put the motion to a voice vote, and it was unanimously passed.

Odanwu, after that, directed the clerk of the House, Mrs. Edene Blessing, to write a memo communicating the House’s decision to the appropriate authorities.

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