Enugu Gov’t Targets Over N20bn From Land Charges

Enugu Gov’t Targets Over N20bn From Land Charges

Enugu State Government has announced its plans to generate over N20 billion from Land Use Act charges in 2024, Executive Chairman of the state’s Internal Revenue Service, Ekene Nnamani has disclosed.

Nnamani stated this while briefing journalists, saying that the government has automated the Land Use Act charges as part of efforts to meet its target.

He averred that they were able to identify 800,000 properties in the state through the Geographic Information System.

Nnamani pointed out that every property owner within the town and villages are required to pay land use charges to enable government carry out its developmental plans for the citizens.

He stated that owners of ancestral homes are also required to pay the Land Use Act charges and explained, that those in the rural areas are benefitting from dividends of democracy through schools and other areas.

Nnamani however explained that the charges are dependent on the value of the land and where they are located.

The chairman of Enugu State Internal Revenue Service explained further that the charges are in different categories which will be charged per plot of land.

He noted that in line with the disruptive innovation promise of Governor Peter Mbah, they were able to use the Geographic Information System to identify properties in Enugu and rural areas.

“Land Use law of 2016 says that every property owner in the state must pay charges and it is paid to the Enugu State Internal Revenue Service,” he stated.

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