Equip Nigeria Police Force, Prof. Kailani Urges Federal Gov’t

Equip Nigeria Police Force, Prof. Kailani Urges Federal Gov't

The national chairman of the Civilian Joint Task Force Nigeria (CJTFN), Prof. Muhammed Kailani, has called on the Federal Government to equip the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) for effective internal security.

Kailani has also called on all CJTF members posted as security guards in housing estates to immediately report to the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) in charge of those areas.

According to Kailani, they should also get the contacts of the DPOs so that if there is any issue that is bigger than them, they should call for reinforcement.

Kailani, while urging the federal government to equip the mobile police force to take over security on roads and communities, added that the Police has the capacity to tackle insecurity in Nigeria.

Kailani made the call at the launch of the CJTFN operational headquarters in Abuja at the weekend.

He suggested that soldiers focus on protecting Nigeria’s territorial integrity by guarding the seas, air, and land borders.

“We are calling on the federal government to empower the mobile police to handle internal security because they are very capable.

“Let them be properly equipped just like they were in the sixties. They’ve always done a good job, so I don’t understand why they’ve been sidelined. The federal government needs to act quickly,” he said.

Speaking about a recent abduction on the Abuja-Kaduna Expressway, Prof. Kailani called on security agencies to apprehend the criminals as soon as possible.

He highlighted the growing insecurity in Nigeria, which is leading people to consider leaving the country.

Kailani also explained the formation of the CJTFN in Kaduna State, and acknowledged Borno State’s pioneering role in establishing a Civilian JTF to fight Boko Haram terrorists.

“Here in Kaduna, we decided to form our own Civilian JTF based on the UN’s community policing guidelines,” he said.

“In the past 16 years, with the police and soldiers being killed, and ordinary people being attacked in broad daylight, we felt the need to form a Civilian JTF in collaboration with security agencies. And we’ve been very successful over the past 16 years.”

The Deputy Commissioner of Police representing the FCT Commissioner of Police, Zanna Madugu, emphasised that security is everyone’s responsibility.

He said, “We are always working together to keep Abuja safe. We appreciate the CJTF’s service and encourage them to continue their good work, but they should ensure they register their presence to the DPO in charge of their area.”

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