Internet Speed To Improve As MainOne Fully Restores Subsea Cables


Internet speed in the country would soon be boosted following the completion of the undersea cables repairs which cut internet supply to a wide range of users about two months ago.

MainOne, an Equinix Company, has announced the conclusion of repairs to its submarine cable following an outage which occurred on Thursday, March 14, 2024.

Recall that the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), said the outage was caused by damage to international undersea cables running along the West African coastline.

Service providers affected include the West African Cable System and African Coast to Europe, which experienced faults, and SAT3 and MainOne, which experienced downtimes. 

Undersea Cable Cuts: NCC Moves To Prevent Future Internet Outage

After about eight weeks of extensive work, the managing director of MainOne, Funke Opeke, in a press statement made available to LEADERSHIP, affirmed that the company has concluded repairs of its submarine cable cuts.

During this period, Main One provided restoration capacity and rerouted traffic on its network to minimise the impact on its customers.

Opeke expressed gratitude to all stakeholders for their support through the incident, adding that, “We are immensely grateful for the support and collaboration of our partners, the patience of our valued customers, and the unwavering commitment of our team during this outage.

“Working closely with regional partners, maintenance providers, vessel owners, and permitting authorities, MainOne completed the necessary repairs to its submarine cable system, thanks to the diligent efforts of all stakeholders and has resumed regular operations with the utmost integrity of its submarine cable.”

MainOne’s resilience in the face of the recent outage demonstrates the company’s commitment to its customers and the region’s digital transformation.


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