“Is it your daddy’s car” – Moment mother and daughter f!ght over front seat (WATCH)

"Is it your daddy’s car" – Moment mother and daughter f!ght over front seat (WATCH)

Drama ensues as mother and daughter fight over who should sit in the front seat of the car, causing many to criticize the couple for bad parenting.

In the video shared online, the mother identified as @desire_hairven14 got into an argument with her little daughter as the girl insisted she prefered to sit alone in front without her mum.

The mother queried whether the car belonged to her daughter’s husband as she was persistent in sitting in the front. However, the father noted that whoever enters the car first has the right to sit in front.

The little girl stated she wanted to sleep, telling her mum, that it was her dad’s car which triggered her mum to shut the car’s door angrily and refused to embark on the journey with her family.

As the video circulates on social media, it has generated varying reactions from Internet users, criticizing the parent’s manner of parenting.

Many advised that the father should have scolded the girl for being adamant and disrespectful. While some noted that it is harmful for a child to sit in the front seat of a car, others opined that children should not be allowed to receive all their wants.

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