Kano Gov Rolls Out N260m Monthly Support Scheme For Women


Governor Abba Yusuf has unveiled an initiative aimed at bolstering women’s economic empowerment by disbursing N50,000 each to 5,200 women across all 44 local government areas of the state.

Governor Yusuf during the event held at the Government House also emphasised the pivotal role women play in the socioeconomic fabric of the state.

He also declared that the support is a payback to women for their overwhelming support to his success in the 2023 elections.

“This is a payback for your support and contributions to our success during 2023 election. We promised to support you to take care of yourselves and your children. We pledged to make you self-reliant and take care of your health, especially pregnant women among you and children.

“Today we have fulfilled our promise. We will be doing this to same number of women every month till the end of our government,” the governor pledged.

The monthly disbursement, totaling N260 million, is earmarked to provide startup capital for small-scale businesses, ranging from producers of local delicacies like ‘awara’ and ‘kuli-kuli’ to other income-generating ventures.

Managed by the Community Re-orientation Committee (CRC), the programme aims to support 100 women from each of the 36 rural local governments and 200 women from the eight metropolitan LGAs.

Governor Yusuf reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to sustaining the initiative throughout his tenure, ensuring a consistent source of financial assistance for women across the state.

In addition to the financial support, the governor highlighted ongoing efforts to improve healthcare infrastructure, particularly maternity and pediatric units, as part of a holistic approach to addressing the needs of women and children.

He warned against any form of corruption or mismanagement of the funds, vowing to take decisive action against erring officials to safeguard the interests of the beneficiaries.

Governor Yusuf further urged the recipients to utilise the funds prudently, emphasising the importance of leveraging the grants to enhance their economic prospects and improve their quality of life.

The initiative, he stressed, is a testament to his administration’s unwavering commitment to inclusive development and women empowerment in Kano State.

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