Mixed Reactions As Businessman Devises Another Means Of Spraying Money (WATCH)

Mixed Reactions As Businessman Devises Another Means Of Spraying Money (WATCH)

Netizens react as Nigerian a man devise another means of spraying money to avoid being arrested by the Economic Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) for naira abuse.

Recall that the EFCC has taken legal action against two notable celebrities for spraying the legal tender at a social event.  The unit has persistently demonstrated its willingness to arrest citizens, who allegedly abuse the Nigerian currency.

The video captures the businessman spraying a woman who identifies as @powedeawujo at a funeral ceremony. Apparently, he had packaged several bundles of money inside brown envelopes, spraying her the envelope cheerfully.

As expected, social media users have reacted to the man’s new means of spraying, stating he was steering clear of EFCC legal action. Viewers opined that it has been the culture of Nigerians to spray money with reckless abandon at social events but there are now changes after some citizens have been prosecuted for the unlawful act.

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@thedonperry687 Is better like this the money go complete for the owner cos those people wey dey help pick money them sabi thief well well 😂 no room for pick pocketing

@king_kenas This Just Shows that Nigerians can change ❤️, there is still hope for us ❤️

@ddashnblushmakeovers Seeing this modest way of spraying, you’ll realize that spraying naira itself on someone doesn’t really make sense.

@irishsommie1 Igbos get steeze…nothing can stop that. Normally

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