Music Is Life, My Medical Career Is My Passion — Gwannty 

Music Is Life, My Medical Career Is My Passion — Gwannty 

Nigerian-born artiste, Great Osesumen Onobun, popularly known as Gwannty, was born into the family of Mr & Mrs Onobun in Lagos over two decades ago. The first child of two siblings who hails from Edo State, Nigeria, he started his music career in Nigeria before relocating to the United Kingdom.

According to Gwannty, his music career started from being with his mother at church choir practices where his love for the whole activity started, then he developed his passion by first being a drummer and later playing other instruments, but later he found his gift in singing.

Speaking on how he combines his medical career with music, Gwannty said, “Going into music, was not an easy task. Although with my mum’s involvement in music at church, my parents were more interested in my medical career. However due to my passion and resilience for music, which showed in how much energy I put into music and how I could touch lives and make an impact with my gift, my family gave into my dreams and became a great motivation in my aspiration as an artist. This was a positive push for me and with that support, I pushed more for my dreams.

“Most people wonder how I can combine my music and medical career. For me, music is life and my medical career is also a passion I enjoy, as it brings me peace of mind. I try to balance both lives I have, so that one doesn’t affect the other, and I believe I have been able to achieve that. Now, music is what I see as my everyday life because it’s my way of expression and more, while my medical career is another service I have passion for and studied and both careers are all under hospitality.”

He added, “I got into various local music reality TV competitions such as Edo State Living Faith Talent Hunt, in which I emerged 1st runner up (2nd place), Sound It Africa, in which I emerged as the 4th runner up and also Atmosphere Reality TV Show. These kickstarted my music career and I decided to go into music professionally. I followed up with freestyles, covers and dropping a single before leaving Nigeria.”

Speaking on the struggles start-up artistes grapple with, Gwannty said, “I would say the major hurdles up-and-coming artists face are issues of finance and support but to me, they are challenges that push me to work hard and keep building with the little I have because I believe that as much as money is an important talent with hard work and consistency would always speak.

“I got my first break in the music scene when I got into the Voice UK 2023, as a quarter-finalist, this gave a prominent push to my career and with the release of my first main single release Diallo, my music career started fully on a high note. this was one of the biggest highlights of my music career and I would say the best experience I have had most especially meeting music geniuses such as Will-I-am, Tom Jones, and Anne Marie.”

Speaking on what he has in stock for his fans in 2024, Gwannty said, “2024 will be filled with so much fun and music. I have worked with amazing producers and amazing tracks are in the bag waiting to be released. I believe this year has a lot of good tidings and with great hope, I can say for sure the world is not ready for what Gwannty is about to hit it with.

“I would love to say big thanks to my fans, friends, and family who have stood and ridden alongside me during this journey, and with lion steps, we are conquering the world. 2024 looks good already as I will be releasing my first single of the year soon.”

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