“Na extra meat” – Lady cries out as she discovers cockroach in the food she ordered (VIDEO)

"Na extra meat" – Lady cries out as she discovers cockroach in the food she ordered (VIDEO)

Nigerian lady cries out in shock after discovering a giant cockroach in her ordered food from an online restaurant.

The lady who identifies as @morenikejimiiii had ordered Egusi soap and ofada rice from a local restaurant on a popular food delivery hub.

She exclaimed while eating when she discovered a giant cockroach in the Egusi soap, around the roasted fish locally known as Panla and cow skin, Ponmo.

She shared she could not continue with the food as she was afraid of eating insect particles.

The lady revealed she had been refunded by the restaurant for the damages as viewers persistently inquired about the restaurant’s location, causing many to share their thoughts.

The video has undeniably garnered netizens’ reactions as many insisted the restaurant needs to be blacklisted on the food delivery hub. As the video continued to spread, social media users were in disbelief as the cockroach wasn’t visible enough in the soup.

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@ada.ezee Instead of just writing Chowdeck, she should have called out the particular restaurant on Chowdeck
Because Chowdeck is simply an intermediary
And the responsibility should be borne by the restaurant itself.
How can they be so lax??!

@pisces_queen4 Call the restaurant out abeg you’re even calm

@susan_props Ahnahn 😂 Me thinking it’s the panla fish until i looked closely 😂

@iamstepee The cockroach 🪳 color come match with the fish no be extra fish be that

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