Nigerian Surgeon Develops Therapy For Ulcer

Nigerian Surgeon Develops Therapy For Ulcer

A plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon with Hafar Al-batin Central Hospital, Hafar Albatin, Eastern Region, Saudi Arabia, Dr. Ayodele Ogunkeyede, has developed novel compression therapy for sickle cell anemia chronic leg ulcers.

The compression therapy involves applying a special bandage on to squeeze and compress out stagnant blood from the legs thereby allowing blood to flow better.

This process accelerates healing, so wounds that never healed are made to heal within weeks.

Speaking in an interview session with newsmen in Ilorin, Ogunkeyede said development was through extensive research and innovative thinking

The surgeon said he developed a pioneering technique utilising compression therapy in 2015.

Ayodele, who is also a distinguished fellow of West African College of Surgeons of plastic surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, said the procedure has offered a ray of hope to those afflicted by this challenging condition. (NAN)


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