Northern Group Demands Swift Action Against ‘Sponsored’ Anti-Gov’t Protests  

Northern Group Demands Swift Action Against 'Sponsored' Anti-Gov't Protests  

The Northern Awareness Network (NAN) has called a strong demand for action from the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) in addressing and eradicating what it called sponsored protests allegedly aimed at ridiculing the party and President Bola Tinubu.

The NAN expressed deep concern over the troubling trend of financing unruly crowds to engage in misconduct under the guise of protest, which serves hidden agendas rather than genuine grievances.


The chairman of NAN, Salihu Suleiman, in a statement on Friday, said the recent orchestrated protest, sponsored from Zamfara State, was a blatant example of this alarming trend.


He said NAN firmly believed that this protest, which aimed to belittle President Tinubu and his loyal allies, was not an authentic expression of discontent but rather a calculated attempt to undermine the Presidency and embarrass the government.


“The deliberate targeting of Minister of State Defence Bello Matawalle, a dedicated supporter of President Tinubu, clearly demonstrates that this protest was driven by political motives, seeking to sow division and discord within the ruling party. The use of the APC’s name as a platform for such misconduct is unacceptable and demands swift and decisive action.


“While protests play a vital role in any democratic society, the NAN emphasizes that when these protests are hijacked by external forces with ulterior motives, they lose their legitimacy and become tools for manipulation and deception. It is crucial for the leaders of the APC to take a firm stance against sponsored dissent and ensure that the party remains a symbol of integrity and transparency,” he said.


He called for the sponsors of such protests to be exposed and appropriately sanctioned, as this was a necessary step in rooting out this insidious practice, adding that those who seek to manipulate public opinion for personal gain must be held accountable for their actions, and the APC leadership must demonstrate that they will not tolerate such behavior within their ranks.


He said sponsored dissent represents a dangerous trend that threatens the integrity of the political system and undermines the trust of the people in their leaders.


“The APC must heed the call of the Northern Awareness Network and take decisive action to address and eradicate this practice. By standing firm against manipulation and deceit, the party can uphold its commitment to transparency and accountability, ensuring that Nigeria’s democracy remains strong and vibrant,” he added.

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