Outr@ge as lady raises al@rm after spotting private school students carrying bricks (VIDEO)

Outr@ge as lady raises al@rm after spotting private school students carrying bricks (VIDEO)

A Nigerian lady raises alarm after spotting underage kids at a private school carrying bricks on their heads during school hours.

The lady identified as @OlalereMary shared a video of the school students in their uniform putting bricks in a bucket while some were carrying it on their heads.

Immediately, she confronted the teacher about using the students as labourers, however, the teacher claimed the bucket wasn’t heavy for the kids as she had been the one lifting it on their head.

She added that they had called a labourer but after he refused to show up, the students were the only option.

The lady, who was raging with anger threatened to call on the police and any authorized children’s organization to investigate the private school for utilizing the children for hard labour.

The video has generated numerous reactions online as some netizens reminisce on their experience during their primary and secondary education while others noted that the hard labour children undergo in school makes them ill afterward.

Viewers speculate that after working hard and paying the kid’s school fees, the school now builds the audacity to engage the students in hard labour.

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@alfred_1111 children of nowadays dey ball 😅, I cut grass like mad😂, built bamboo fence, wash toilet back to back

@mheenarh Kids that came to school to learn, you are using them to do Alabaru

@bukky078 No wonder my brother go dey complain of back pains 😩so nah water he dey fetch for school

@godofafrica I go hustle pay pay schools fee my child will be work for school again for free ??????????? When I’m not mad

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