QHSES Leadership Academy Targets 20 Orphanages

QHSES Leadership Academy Targets 20 Orphanages

The Quality, Health, Safety, Environment, and Sustainability (QHSES) Leadership Academy has marked its first ‘Safetainability Day’ by giving generously to the Orphanage Heritage Homes, as a selfless service to humanity.

This is even as the Academy has reiterated its commitment to adopting at least 20 orphanages by the end of the year.

The academy organised an outreach that included the donation of safety equipment and food items, embodying their mission of selfless service.

The QHSES Leadership Academy is a prestigious and tuition-free institution accredited by the American Council of Training and Development (ACTD) and certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards. The academy aims to develop sustainable leaders who can positively impact society through professional excellence, integrity, and service.

Founder of QHSES, Engineer Jamiu Badmus, during a courtesy visit to Orphanage Heritage Homes in Lagos, emphasised the academy’s commitment to adopting at least 20 orphanages by the end of the year.

“We aim to support all orphanages in Nigeria eventually. Safetainability, which means a combination of safety and sustainability, is our guiding principle to ensure lasting, secure environments,” Badmus added.

According to the Federal Ministry of Women Affairs, Nigeria is home to approximately 17.5 million orphans and vulnerable children. With 278 orphanages across the country as of April 2024, the need for support and resources is immense.

“The essence of this outreach goes beyond providing food,” Badmus explained. “While addressing SDG 2 (Zero Hunger) and SDG 1 (No Poverty) by donating food and money, we aim to create a safe and healthy environment for the children. Our concept of ‘safetainability’—combining safety and sustainability—guides our actions.”

One of the academy’s initiatives involved a thorough evaluation of Heritage Homes’ facilities, which resulted in major improvements. These upgrades included everything from CCTV installations and fire safety devices to air conditioning units and waste management systems.

The team also erected waste bins recognized by the government to improve waste segregation procedures and gave 12 fans, more than the orphanage requested (8). The academy also gave the caregivers and employees of the orphanage extensive training in first aid and firefighting. They also contributed numerous teaching resources and copies of the book “Sam Learns Safety,” which has a safety theme.

Manager of Project Development & Realisation at HENZ HENON LIMITED, Engr. Henshaw Eyo Enyenihi, lauded Engineer Badmus’s vision and swift execution of the project. “When Engineer Jamiu mentioned this project to me less than 10 days ago, I wondered if the timeframe was too short. But today’s event proves that no timeframe is too short for achieving something worthwhile,” Enyenihi said, encouraging others to learn from this exemplary initiative.

GM Strategy, Transformation & Corporate Performance at the Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO), Dr. Enobong (Lauretta) Ezekiel, raised the initiative, noting its significance in a time when self-interest often prevails. “This effort is a testament to thinking beyond oneself and making a lasting impact on others,” she remarked.

In his reaction, the general manager of Heritage Homes, Reuben Amara, expressed his heartfelt gratitude, “We are overwhelmed by the thorough and impactful contributions of the QHSES Leadership Academy. Their support has not only improved our facilities but has also inspired our caregivers and staff with detailed and robust training,” Amara remarked. “On behalf of Pastor Ituah Ighodalo, the founder of Heritage Homes, we say thank you.”

The QHSES Leadership Academy’s Safetainability Day and outreach serves as a powerful reminder of the impact that committed and empathetic leadership can have on society.

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