Real Reasons Tinubu Okayed Old Nigeria’s National Anthem

Real Reasons Tinubu Okayed Old Nigeria's National Anthem

President Bola Tinubu has assented to the National Anthem Bill 2024, reverting to the old Nigeria’s national anthem, “Nigeria, we hail thee” from “Arise O Compatriot” on Wednesday.

Mixed reactions have trailed the development as many Nigerians have come out to question why the National Anthem needed to be changed at this time, given pressing issues confronting the country.

However, it has now been discovered that the move did not just start last week when both chambers of the National Assembly hurriedly pass the Bill into law without the practice of organising a public hearing to achieve the buy-in of Nigerians on such sensitive issue.

More facts have emerged as an old video of President Tinubu has now resurfaced on social media, revealing how the journey to revert to the old National Anthem begun. Two years ago, before he emerged President of Nigeria, Tinubu expressed his fondness for Nigeria’s former cum present national anthem during a TV show on Nigeria’s independence anniversary in 2022.

The video dated October 2, 2022, captures Tinubu’s sentiments during an interview with Seye Oyetade on the program ‘Matters Of Heritage’.

During the interview, Asiwaju Tinubu at the time passionately shared his admiration for the old national anthem, saying if he had his way it will bring it back.

“We must guard our democracy jealously,” he asserted, emphasising the importance of unity and national pride. “We have one Nigeria, and we should be proud of our heritage. If I had my way, I would bring back our old first national anthem. That described us much better.”

Reiterating the need for the old National Anthem, Tinubu had said: “It’s about service, it’s about diversity, it’s about commitment,” underscoring the values as essential for nation-building.

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