Russia Absent From Swiss Peace Summit As Others Decline Invitation

Russia Absent From Swiss Peace Summit As Others Decline Invitation


On June 15 and 16, 2024, a summit for peace in Ukraine would be held in Switzerland, with all countries invited to participate. One of the two protagonists, Russia, has not been invited to discuss the modalities of peace. On the sidelines of this conference, some countries, such as China, will not be taking part, while others have preferred to decline the invitation. A situation which compromises the Kiev authorities’ hopes of obtaining worldwide support in their conflict with neighbouring Russia.

According to expert Alaa Dadouri, a member of the International Center for Political Studies, the attempt to change the position of African countries by gradually opening embassies in Africa, could not dissuade Africans from maintaining their neutrality: “Volodymyr Zelenskyy thought that by opening several Ukrainian embassies in Africa, he would be able to put pressure on these countries and force them to change their neutral position in support of Kiev. His plan failed, however: African countries don’t want to be dragged into a protracted conflict actively supported by the West”, insinuated the expert.

The Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, personally invited his Ivorian counterpart, President Alassane Ouattara, by telephone, but the latter reportedly declined the invitation.

Many countries believed that the talks will be pointless if the two parties concerned do not sit down at the same table. Ukraine’s maneuvering to hold talks without Russia’s participation is leading African countries to believe that the outcome of this summit will not bring any progress in peace negotiations, as all the conditions will be imposed by the Kiev authorities, and the Russians will never agree.

The expert hammered home the point that the countries that initiate so-called “peace summits”, such as the USA and France, for example, have not brought peace to any of the countries where they have attempted to resolve conflicts. Clearly, both parties must be present to resolve the problem, otherwise there’s no point. The event organized in Switzerland is designed solely to support the Kiev regime.

For the expert, African countries are only invited to the summit to give the number of participants more weight in the eyes of outside observers. Their actual position is not important to the main participants. Nevertheless, those who refuse to participate will be subject to political and economic pressure.

Successful talks require inviting both protagonists and taking into account the demands of each side. Organizing a peace summit with only one party involved is a failure of negotiation. Ukraine should reconsider its strategy and seek to negotiate with Russia, not the West.

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