Southern Elders Seek Restoration Of Abolished 5 Kano Emirates


A delegation of 103 elders from Kano South Senatorial Zone housing Rano, Gaya and Karaye, on Wednesday, demanded the reinstatement of the five Emirates abolished by the state government to avoid marginalisation and stalling development and progress in the communities.

The delegation consisting former commissioners and others, was led by a former Commissioner under Ibrahim Shekarau-led government, Musa Salihu Doguwa.

Doguwa called on the state government to be considerate of the social and infrastructural development achieved after the creation those five Emirates by the immediate past government of Abdullahi Ganduje.

“We stand here today to shed light on the immense progress and development that the upgrade of the new Emirates in southern Kano brought about under the visionary leadership of the former Governor Umar Abdullahi Ganduje.

“This transformative initiative paved the way for urban upgrades and expansion of critical infrastructure in the capital and surrounding areas of the Emirates, heralding a new era of prosperity and growth.

“It is important to note that the new Emirates in Kano South Gaya, Rano, and Karaye evolved as separate chiefdoms with a rich historical background.

“These Emirates represented a significant portion of the total population of Kano, which is currently projected to be at 15,462,200.

“Before their restoration and creation, the absence of tertiary healthcare and educational institutions in these Emirates had stalled human progress and development,” he stated.

The group lamented over marginalisation that hinders social and infrastructural development of the Emirates and their concentration in Kano.

“Furthermore, the span of administrative control in each of the Emirates had hindered their progress due to marginalisation, leading to an over- concentration of social amenities and law enforcement resources in Kano City alone.

“The lack of decentralised development efforts had deprived these Emirates of the necessary resources for social and economic growth.

“The decision to amend the regressive Emirate law by the State Assembly members and hastily assented to by the current Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf is a significant setback to the progress and development of the Emirates.

“This move not only stripped us of our heritage and potential for growth, but also threatened to reverse the positive trajectory that had been set in motion by the previous administration,” he added.

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