Tinubu’s Policies Enhancing Food Security, Social Welfare — APC Council

Tinubu's Policies Enhancing Food Security, Social Welfare — APC Council

President Bola Tinubu administration made notable strides in addressing food insecurity and improving social welfare programs, says the APC Non-Serving Senators Council.

As President Tinubu commemorates one year in office on May 29, the Council lauded his “stomach infrastructure” initiatives aimed at enhancing food availability and fortifying social safety nets.

“President Tinubu’s focus on ‘stomach infrastructure’ through initiatives targeting food security and robust social welfare schemes underscores his profound commitment to uplifting the lives of all Nigerians,” stated Senator Basheer Lado, the council’s convener.

Lado, a former member of the Senate from Kano State, highlighted Tinubu’s agricultural policies incentivising local farming, improving irrigation infrastructure, and boosting grain reserves as key measures bolstering food production and affordability.

Moreover, the restructuring of fertilizer subsidy programs has enhanced efficiency and reach, benefiting more smallholder farmers.

The former Senators also commended the Tinubu administration’s expansion of the National Social Safety Nets Program, increasing cash transfers to impoverished households and extending coverage to additional states.

“These initiatives have provided a vital lifeline for millions facing economic hardship,” Lado remarked.

Furthermore, the council praised the expansion of school feeding programs and community food banks in underserved areas.

“Ensuring children have access to nutritious meals creates a cycle of positive impacts on health, education and productivity,” said Lado.

Beyond food security, the Senators extolled Tinubu’s policies enhancing affordable housing, vocational training, and unemployment benefits. “An all-encompassing approach to social welfare has been a hallmark of this administration’s first year.”

As Tinubu commemorates his first anniversary, the APC council reiterated its commitment to supporting the government’s agenda.

“We will partner closely to further President Tinubu’s vision of a food-secure, socially-uplifted Nigeria that leaves no citizen behind,” they stated.

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