Transcription Jobs From Home

Transcription Jobs From Home

If you need a remote job that you can do from anywhere, whether it’s because you have childcare obligations, or you’re just fed up with office life then becoming a transcriptionist could be a great option. This type of work is very accessible, and you don’t need any formal training or even experience to get going.

A transcriptionist is someone who gets paid to listen to spoken words or verbal recordings and convert them into written texts. Transcribers are professional typists, so you need to know your way around a keyboard if you’re going to succeed.


Choose A Niche

Transcription is needed in virtually every field, which means there are many types of jobs you can do. With that said, most transcription work falls into these categories; Legal Transcription, Medical Transcription, Academy Transcription, Business Transcription and General Transcription.


Some niches        (particularly legal and medical transcription) are tougher to get into than others, and some jobs even require certification. That said, those subfields are also usually more lucrative.

Although, you don’t need a “field” to get started as a transcriptionist, but you do need to have the ability to research unfamiliar terms and concepts. Choosing a niche that you have knowledge of or an interest in can spare you time on this type of research.

Furthermore, Jessica Green, a transcriptionist with nearly 20 years of experience, recommended seeking out work relevant to your own knowledge, experience, and interests whenever possible.


Get The Required Equipment

The only equipment you need in order to be a transcriber is a working computer with audio and video playback capabilities and a stable internet connection.

However, there are things you can get that will make the job a lot easier. For example, Headsets, Audio converter and Ergonomic office equipment.


Create Your Resume and profiles on freelancing sites

Once you’ve got all the tools you need to become a professional transcriptionist, it’s time to enter the job market. Make sure to create a resume that’s tailored for transcription work. There are also quite a few online job boards that feature transcription work (both one-off jobs and recurring gigs). It’s worth creating a profile on; Upwork, Fiverr, FlexJobs and Freelancer.


How much do transcriptionists make?

How much you’ll earn depends on several factors, including the company you work for and whether you’re offering freelance transcription services directly to clients or going through a job platform or transcription company.

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