Twisco, Loya Milk Sponsor Ikoyi Junior Golf Tournament In Lagos

Twisco, Loya Milk Sponsor Ikoyi Junior Golf Tournament In Lagos

Twisco, a premium chocolate brand, and Loya Milk, a premium full cream powder milk, co-sponsored the Ikoyi Junior Golf Tournament in honor of the National Annual Children’s Day celebration.

The event, organized by the Ikoyi Golf Club, aims to nurture the golfing talents of young enthusiasts in Nigeria.

According to the organizers, this unique initiative puts a premium on the children the importance of sports development in their lives, and the role of brands in supporting their dreams and aspirations.

Speaking during the tournament, the Brand Manager, Twisco, Oyetola Akeredolu stated that the tournament is the high point of activities lined up to celebrate this year’s Children’s Day.

She said: “We will continue to sponsor events that focus on children because they are our target audience.’’
She added: ‘’Loya Milk is particularly relevant due to its calcium content, essential for strong bones—a necessity for sports.

This ties back to our other brand, Twisco, which is about empowering children’s dreams by providing the essentials needed for strong bones.

‘’We demonstrated how kids can make different drinks with our products, including Loya Milkshakes. And, of course, what are drinks without food? That’s why we had Mama Onga here.”

On her part, Lillian Omorenuwa, Brand Manager, Loya Milk, said, “The essential message of our brand is to empower and nurture the dreams of children. These dreams can vary widely, and we are committed to supporting even the unconventional ones. As a brand, we aim to help children achieve their dreams.”

Also commenting on the novel initiative, Mr. Tunde Johnson, a past captain of Ikoyi Golf Club, expressed his gratitude to the brands and the organization for prioritizing the kids for such a higher ideal of sports promotion.

He said: “Promasidor is a strong brand, and we are grateful for the support they gave because children are the future. Golf is an important game that teaches about life. To go for the game of golf, we must start with them young. Golf teaches about life; it’s not about perfection but about how you manage your mistakes.

‘’This is what we want to inculcate in the children: understanding integrity, teamwork, and knowing that while things may not always be perfect, you will overcome if you keep working and practicing.”
At the end of the tournament, the Children were well entertained and got lots of gifts and promotional items.

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