West African Pharmacists Honour Health Ministry Perm Sec Ms. Daju

West African Pharmacists Honour Health Ministry Perm Sec Ms. Daju

In a momentous celebration of distinguished individuals in the health sector, the West African Postgraduate College of Pharmacists has conferred an Honorary Fellowship on the Permanent Secretary of the Nigeria’s Federal Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, Ms. Kachollom S. Daju.

Speaking at the Industry Evening of Honors in Abuja on Thursday, Nigeria’s Minister of State for Health, Dr. Tunji Alausa, said nobody in Nigeria today could deserve the honour more than Mr. Daju.

He explained that the quality and the reason they chose her for the Fellowship award were what everybody should aspire to.

He said Ms. Daju is diligent, committed, transparent, hardworking, and, moreover, the way she attends to things, she does so with fair manners and does not see one profession in the sector as superior to the other.

He urged the younger women, girls, and even boys looking up to this level to embrace her hard work, honesty, truthfulness, and maintaining high credibility in everything they do, as it matters a lot.

In her acceptance speech, the Permanent Secretary noted that for the West African Postgraduates of College of Pharmacists to have chosen her singularly for the award meant she has to double her work, putting more effort, being more efficient, and effective in the health sector.

She said there’s so much needed in the health sector, and they were working together with all industry players, not just pharmacists but the entire medical sector that requires quality services and universal health coverage.

“We can unlock the value chain by ensuring that we have local manufacturers of things we need in Nigeria because we don’t need to import everything we need.

“This fellowship that has been bestowed upon me today is a call to duty to double the efforts of what I have done, and by His grace, I have assured the industry with a heart full of gratitude that they shall not regret what they have done,” she stated.

On his part, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defence, Ibrahim Abubakar Kana, said, “This recognition today is the result of her hard work and dedication to duty, most importantly, fairness to all health workers within the health space.”

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