“When a girl has not seen a father’s affection, she becomes sëxu@lly loose” – Online pastor Femi Lazarus drops another controversial sermon (VIDEO)

"When a girl has not seen a father's affection, she becomes sëxu@lly loose" – Online pastor Femi Lazarus drops another controversial sermon (VIDEO)

Apostle Femi Lazarus is getting quite controversial with his takes on the feminine gender as he once again sets the internet buzzing with his recent teaching.

In the video that has now permeated the online atmosphere, he reveals what makes most ladies sexually loose.

To the online pastor, when a girl is bereft of fatherly affection and presence in her life while growing up, she becomes promiscuous unless God sends help to bridle it.

He however advised men to be actively present in their children’s lives and bond with them in their formative years.

While this may have an atom of truth in it, some netizens feel he is derailing from his proper teachings to set himself up for drags.

@wisycollins: What’s happened to the Gospel? Has he finished teaching it????

@Akinyemidavid16: Now, is it the girls fault that the father refused to show affectionate love??? Why then should she be a victim????

@Winifunds: Father figure is so important

@prophetUnaziO: There are a lot things to teach about Christ and His kingdom. Don’t get distracted please.

@May_twenty3rd: That’s as close to the truth as you can get, also the mother has an important role to play in the upbringing of the girl child.

@mz_cheddar: This man be steady setting himself up for drags, stick to the word sir!


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