A little boy who went missing for hours was found alone in the teacher’s car

A little boy who went missing for hours was found alone in the teacher's car

A young child has been found inside one of his teacher’s cars, a few hours after his mother declared him missing.

She had tweeted about her child’s disappearance on the microblogging platform X, where she tagged the authorities.

The incident which happened in an unnamed school in Ibadan, got a large number of netizens, and the family of the child worried.

The first tweet which she shared out of fear, got some internet users panicking because she withheld some useful information.

However, she announced in another tweet that her son had been found alone in a teacher’s vehicle.

She also promised to make a loner thread, where she would be explaining how the incident happened and how her child was found.

Her tweets read;

“My son as been kidnapped. Took him to school today and during closing hour they said he did not come to school. Please retweet”

“I’m going crazy Haa guys they found him o. Inside a teacher’s car all alone since 7:30 am….it’s a long story let me take care of him first. Thanks to you guys, God will never ever forsake you“

Below are some of the reactions;

@chiditweets042:  Found inside a teacher’s car? How? Why? Na the teacher dey carry am go school?

@realtimmywrld:  Your story is not connecting we deserve some explanation

@jkcontoversial:  How did he gained access into the car? Was the car window wound down since 7:30 am till 4pm?

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