“Bone straight na rvbb!sh hair” – Lady rants

"Bone straight na rvbb!sh hair" – Lady rants

A Nigerian lady a controversial opinion as she exclaims that the most desired bone straight hair is overrated, imitating the features of synthetic hair.

In a video shared, the lady identified as @official_barbiecue filmed herself wearing a bone straight wig. She exclaimed that bone-straight wigs are valued highly but closely resemble synthetic hair.

The lady, raging with anger questioned whether she had purchased bone straight hair or synthetic hair as she was confused by the appearance.

She had just straightened the hair but it ended up looking like synthetic hair made from fiber. The bone straight hair requires steady combing and maintenance, particularly on special occasions.

According to her,

“bone straight na rubbish, if you see this my hair e be like synthetic, na very nonsense hair, i no even know why people love bone straight, see hair wey I stretch o, bone straight if you dey comot for house you need to carry comb and stretch am follow your body…I don dey ask myself whether na bone straight I buy abi na synthetic”

As expected the video has garnered the attention of ladies, who agreed that bone-straight hair is overrated and mostly fake. While some explained that coloured wigs have a short lifespan because of the chemicals applied others insisted the lady was duped by the hair vendor.

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