Church refuses to wed couples few days to their wedding after learning that the bride is pregnant

Church refuses to wed couples few days to their wedding after learning that the bride is pregnant

A Nigerian church has refused to wed a couple few days to their wedding, after finding out that the bride is pregnant.

According to one of the church members who shared the story via X (Twitter) he revealed that the church also suspended the couples.

In his tweet, he stated that the pastor’s wife had blamed him for the actions of the couple because he was the head of the department they were in.

He also requested that internet users suggest to the couples what they would do if they were in their shoes.

His tweet read;

“Wedding is Saturday, asoebi is ready, money has been spent everywhere and anywhere. Today, pregnancy test result conducted by the church came positive Church has decided they won’t wed them… In fact they have been slammed suspension. This evening just tire me abeg, midweek service turned to another thing. I’m even wondering what pastor’s wife means by “as a departmental head you’re supposed to have followed things up to avert this kind of occurrence” like how am I supposed to determine my department members life or actions??? In this case as the guy what will u do? Obey church verdict and cancel the wedding or seek alternative and shun the church.“

Below are some of the reactions,

@SirMykai:  My Rev Fr was asked one time why Catholic church wed pregnant women. He said pregnancy isn’t a sin, it is sex before marriage that is a sin. Also if you say you wouldn’t marry those who are pregnant, you are most likely pushing them to do abortion which is a greater sin.

@Whitecoat_Heri:  I’ll simply remove church wedding from the plans. Proceed with Registry, Traditional wedding and reception, if church members and Pastor like make them attend, if not we’ll send cooler of Jollof to church.

@OsemuAdmira:  In my church, they won’t be suspended. The wedding will go on. Just that the lady won’t put on a Veil and won’t put on a white garment. It will be milk color and the ceremony will be called the blessing of marriage instead of holy matrimony.

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