CSO Applauds Audi’s Strides At NSCDC

CSO Applauds Audi’s Strides At NSCDC

A civil society organisation (CSO) , the National Coalition Against Terrorism, has lauded the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for its remarkable progress under the leadership of Dr Ahmed Abubakar Audi.

The commendation, contained in a statement signed by national coordinator, Terrence Kuanum, highlighted the achievements and reforms initiated by Audi in the past two years.

The group said since his appointment as commandant-general (CG) Audi had undertaken a comprehensive vision to transform the NSCDC, focusing on enhancing professionalism and aligning the Corps with international best practices. In his inaugural address at the NSCDC National Headquarters in Abuja, Audi outlined his plan to “rejig, revamp, revitalise, restructure, and reposition” the corps.

“Dr. Audi has implemented several initiatives aimed at improving the Corps’ effectiveness. Notably, he established the Commandant General’s Quarterly Conference to regularly assess and strategize on the Corps’ performance. Additionally, the creation of the Special Female Squad (SFS) addresses the security challenges faced by schools, earning widespread praise for its timely intervention.

“The SFS actively participates in the School and Community Security Vanguard (SCSV), a program designed to educate and protect schools and their surrounding communities. Under Dr. Audi’s leadership, the Corps has prioritized the training and retraining of personnel, with over 700 officers receiving advanced training in weapon handling within ten months of his tenure. This initiative also included developing standardized training curricula to promote uniformity and professionalism.

“Dr. Audi’s tenure has seen numerous reforms, including the establishment of the Private Guard Companies (PGC) and the Commandant General’s Special Intelligence Squad. He has also reactivated the Agro-rangers and intensified efforts against terror financing and economic sabotage, particularly crude oil theft and pipeline vandalism. The introduction of the CG’s Special Anti-vandal Squad and the reorganization of the anti-vandal unit further underscore these efforts.”

Kuanum noted that Audi’s tenure as Commandant General of the NSCDC has been marked by significant advancements and reforms, positioning the Corps as a model for security agencies both nationally and internationally.


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