CSOs Task Tinubu On Domestic Skill Retention Policy


Civil society organisations (CSOs) have urged President Bola Tinubu to lift the temporary hold on the implementation of  Expatriate Employment Levy (EEL) which aims to bolster domestic skill retention and equitable employment opportunities.

The CSOs, namely Societal Safety Network (SSN) and Civil Society Initiative for Accountability and Development (CISIAD),  said lifting the blockade would ensure effectiveness, capacity-building initiatives and collaboration between government agencies and private sector stakeholders.

The advocacy organisations, in a joint statement signed by SSN director media, Comrade Olawale Adigun, and CISIAD publicity secretary, Ibrahim Ahmed, also called on relevant stakeholders to support the policy’s successful execution.

They recalled that the EEL which was a palliative measure introduced by President Tinubu, “represents a proactive approach to addressing the influx of foreign labour into Nigeria and promoting the hiring and training of Nigerian workers.”


The organisations said CSO leaders had called on Tinubu, governors, and stakeholders to implement palliative measures to cushion the impact of reforms on vulnerable populations and ensure no one is left behind in the pursuit of national development.




They added, “Despite differing opinions within the civil society sector, the majority of CSOs support the EEL, viewing it as a pivotal tool in fostering local talent and economic empowerment.




“By incentivizing companies to prioritise the recruitment and training of Nigerian workers, the levy aims to reduce dependency on foreign labour and enhance job prospects for Nigerians.




“The implementation of the EEL is expected to create job opportunities and contribute to the development of a skilled workforce, thereby supporting long-term economic growth and prosperity.




“Additionally, it will promote inclusivity within workplaces, empowering young Nigerians to contribute meaningfully to national advancement and development.




“Endorsing the EEL, CSOs urge President Tinubu to lift the temporary hold on its implementation and call on relevant stakeholders to support its successful execution.




“To ensure effectiveness, capacity-building initiatives and collaboration between government agencies and private sector stakeholders are recommended.”




They added that the implementation of policies such as the EEL is crucial in achieving the government’s goal, adding that it will create employment, develop a skilled workforce and lead to sustainable economic progress and prosperity for all Nigerians.




“CSOs play a crucial role in monitoring governmental actions, providing feedback, and advocating for policies that promote social justice and economic prosperity for all citizens.




“By engaging with policymakers, raising awareness, and mobilizing communities, CSOs can help ensure that reforms are implemented in a manner that benefits the entire population, particularly the most vulnerable segments of society.




“In conclusion, CSOs reaffirm their commitment to advocating for Nigerian youth and promoting their empowerment and socio-economic development,” they added.

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