EBSU student commits suic!de after a lecturer repeatedly failed her (VIDEO)

EBSU student commits suic!de after a lecturer repeatedly failed her (VIDEO)

A student of the Ebonyi State University has taken her own life after a lecturer of the institution failed her over and over again.

The mother of the deceased was seen in a video shared on X (Twitter) calling on the lecturer to come carry the lifeless body of her daughter.

She could be heard calling the lecturer by his name while stating that he was the reason why her daughter committed suicide.

“It is Dr. Eyi, Dr. Eyi should come and carry, Ebonyi State University you people should come and bury, I don’t even money for burial see my daughter, you people should come and carry and bury I am leaving it for you people oh, Dr. Eyi said he went to UNILAG nobody can do it like him, nobody is like him, he is the best in Ebonyi State University. Dr. Eyi come and carry Favour…” She wailed.

A voice message recording was also included in the video where the late student was heard complaining to a friend about how the lecturer was constantly failing her.

According to the voice note, Dr. Eyi was the only lecturer who failed her which caused her to question if he chose to fail her because she is not an indigene of the state.

Internet users on the platform have called for the lecturer to be investigated while hoping that the deceased student gets justice.

Watch the video below,

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