Expert Harps On Urgency Of Waste Management Infrastructure Investment  

Expert Harps On Urgency Of Waste Management Infrastructure Investment  

In a clarion call for environmental action, Okiemute Edokpolo, a seasoned expert in environmental sustainability, has spotlighted the imperative of investing in robust infrastructure for efficient waste management across Nigeria’s industries.

Speaking through a press statement, Edokpolo stressed the important role of such infrastructure in tackling environmental challenges and fostering sustainability.

“Efficient waste management infrastructure is indispensable for combatting pollution and advancing sustainable practices,” she asserted.

In a country marked by rapid industrialisation and urban expansion, the need for such investment was particularly acute, given the escalating volumes of waste and the resultant environmental degradation.

Edokpolo also highlighted the economic dividends of such investment, noting that well-designed waste management systems can spur economic growth and job creation.

“Beyond safeguarding our environment, strategic investments in waste management infrastructure can catalyze economic prosperity,” she emphasised.

To this end, Edokpolo called for proactive government intervention, urging the implementation of policies and incentives to incentivize private sector participation in sustainable waste management endeavours.


“Government support is pivotal in galvanizing private sector engagement in this critical area,” she affirmed.


Moreover, she championed the importance of fostering public-private partnerships as a means of pooling resources and expertise to bolster waste management infrastructure.


“Collaborative efforts between government entities, businesses, and civil society are indispensable for mobilizing the necessary resources and know-how to develop and maintain efficient waste management infrastructure,” she highlighted.

Her unwavering commitment to advancing sustainable waste management practices reflects her dedication to environmental sustainability and innovation within Nigeria’s industrial landscape.

Through her expertise and advocacy, she continues to spearhead transformative change, paving the way for a greener, more sustainable future for Nigeria and beyond.

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