Family Writes NJC Over Property Dispute With Ex-NASS Clerk

Family Writes NJC Over Property Dispute With Ex-NASS Clerk

The family of the former clerk of the National Assembly, Ataba Sani Omolori, has petitioned the  National Judicial Council (NJC) over the delay in the case against the former clerk.

It was alleged that Omolori, in the petition, dated 25th April, 2024, signed by Buhari Sani Omolori, solely took for himself, the property left behind for members of the family by their late father, Alhaji Muhammed Sani Omolori, the former Ohinoyi of Ebiraland who died on 18th July, 1996.

According to Buhari in the petition, the police had filed a Direct Criminal Complaints against Ataba but till date, the case, which was transferred from one magistrate to another at Life Camp Magistrate Court has not come up for hearing.

He said the former NASS Clerk is now at large and has not been seen and all efforts to locate him have not yielded any positive results.

He said, “The police (Life-camp division) in their findings indicted Alh Ataba Sani Omolori for criminal conspiracy and forgery. He refused to honor the police invitation, and instead highly ranked police officers were calling the Life Camp Division (the DPO, DCO, IPO) from different quarters to put pressure on them.

“A request was made to transfer the case to FCIID at Garki area 10, giving the reason that the accused (Alh. Ataba Sani Omolori) had petitioned Mr. Buhari Sani Omolori, but the Life-Camp division replied that it was a direct criminal complaint from the court, thus not transferable, afterward, the DIG requested (APPENDIX B) the Life-camp division to transfer the investigation to FCID giving reason that the case is currently being discretely investigated, the court however didn’t honor the request of the police, but unfortunately, on the 25th of January, the magistrate at Life-camp (Musa Ibrahim Jobbo) transferred the case to a different Magistrate (Munirat Tanko) but ever since then, no date has been given for hearing. This has left many worried and wondering.”

According to the petition, several invitations by leaders, elders, respected family members, and Grand Khadis were turned down by Ataba.

He urged the NJC to ensure that justice takes its full course and the magistrate court at Life-Camp be made to hear and determine the case speedily.


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