FeedUp Africa Carries Out Outreach In Ogun

FeedUp Africa Carries Out Outreach In Ogun

FeedUp Africa, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to combating food insecurity across Africa, has carried out nutrition outreach in Ofada Primary Health Care (PHC) Centre in Ogun State, targeting nursing mothers and caregivers.

The initiative aligned with the global observance of child nutrition and aims to tackle the pressing issue of malnutrition among children under five by fostering awareness, providing education, and fostering actionable solutions. The first 1,000 days of a child’s life are paramount, especially in regions grappling

with underdevelopment and economic hurdles. Poor nutrition during this critical  period can have lasting consequences, hindering a child’s cognitive development and physical growth potential. 

Nigeria bears the weight of the world’s second-highest burden of stunted children, with a staggering 32 percent prevalence rate among those under the age of five. Tragically, over 1 million young Nigerian lives are lost annually before they reach their fifth birthday due to malnutrition-related causes.

Executive director of FeedUp Africa, Jinmi Ajayi, in a press statement, said “By prioritising child nutrition, we are not only ensuring the well-being of current generations but also building a healthier, more resilient society for generations to come. 

“Investing in child nutrition yields significant returns, as healthy children grow into productive adults who contribute positively to their communities and economies.”


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