“Garri pizza” – Chef Stirs Reactions After Making A Delicious Pizza With Yellow Garri

"Garri pizza" - Chef Stirs Reactions After Making A Delicious Pizza With Yellow Garri

Trending video capturing chef making delicious pizza using yellow garri locally known as Garri Igbo stirs reactions online as social media users queries the chef irregular food recipe.

The chef who identifies as @pamelakitch shared a video of herself consuming a large pizza, she termed Garri pizza before revealing the ingredients and cooking method.

In the video shared, the lady had mix the garri into a bowl until it’s swollen before blending it and went further to adding salt and baking powder in order to bake on a 20 minutes high heat.

Subsequently, she proceeded to adding pizza sauce, Mozzarella cheese, chicken sausage, olives and Argula salad to baked garri before heating it up for another 5 minutes with the ingredients.

The chef also added that the recipe is quick and easy as she advise others to try the garri pizza recipe.

Shocking netizens have express displeasure as many queries her for using garri instead of flour since she could afford other expensive ingredients shown in the video.

While some request that the chef gives a review after consuming her cost-effective delicious pizza, others noted that garri is too expensive for people to try the home-made garri pizza.

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