Herbal Medicine Practitioners Advocate Use Of Alternative Medicine To Boost Economy   

Herbal Medicine Practitioners Advocate Use Of Alternative Medicine To Boost Economy   

Some herbal medicine practitioners have said that if the federal government supports the production of alternative medicine, it would help to boost Nigeria’s economy and alleviate poverty.

Chairman of Millennium Natures Path International (Milnapath), an alternative medicine company, Dr Naomi Bassey,

said it was using herbal medicine to provide solutions to the problems of ill-health and poverty in Nigeria and beyond.


Bassey, who made this known during Milnapath’s one year anniversary, with the theme, “Celebrating One Year of Impact Beyond Borders,” said herbal medicine companies like Milnapath were poised to provide solutions to the twin problems of ill-health and poverty that have become the bane of socio-economic development in Nigeria and Africa.


“Climatic and environmental changes have given rise to strange ailments that science and technology are yet to provide solutions to. This is where alternative medicine comes in.


“The increasing rate of avoidable deaths in the society caused by poor medical facilities and treatment, as well as wrong diagnosis amongst other factors, got me thinking of ways of arresting the trend,” she said.


Bassey added that Milnapath was producing a line of effective products for various challenging health conditions, using a direct selling approach, that the products were 100 per cent plant-based with no chemicals and, therefore, no negative side effects.


On job creation and poverty reduction, she said that the company currently has about 23,000 distributors and partners in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, Benin Republic, Cameroon, U.S.A, UK and Canada.

She added that the partners earn a lot of money from marketing and distributing the products, which is transforming their lives.

The chairman of the occasion, Dr Bassey Ayambem, while urging the federal government to encourage the use of alternative medicine, described the contribution of Milnapath to the field of medicine as phenomenal, by combining science with nature.

“Today, the company is promoting healthcare and financially empowering people with money in their pockets,” he said.

During the event, 10 distributors and partners of the company were rewarded with cars for their contributions to the company’s growth.

One of the car beneficiaries, Dr Patience Uche, a medical doctor at Federal Medical Centre, Umuahia, Abia State, said she had earned about N60 million from marketing Milnapath products in just a year.

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