Hospital Board Suspends Doctor Over Negligence In Kano


The Executive Secretary of the Kano State Hospitals Management Board, Dr. Mansur Nagoda has approved the immediate suspension of a medical officer at the Muhammad Abdullahi Wase Teaching Hospital.

The suspension comes in the wake of multiple complaints received from patients and staff regarding the doctor’s absence from duty without prior notice.

According to Dr. Nagoda, the suspended doctor (names withheld), left the facility without informing any officer or the hospital management.

He explained that several calls were placed to the suspended medic, but she kept responding to be within premises without being in the doctors’ quarters and never showed up till the morning, thereby leaving a dialyses patient in a frightened state.

The Executive Secretary further highlighted that the oath taken by doctors to protect lives should be their first point of call in operating within the system and urged everyone to sit up.

“Let this serve as a warning to all, if by any means you have to be absent from duty, it is paramount to make a proper arrangement with another doctor to cover up your duty post. We will not fold our arms and watch people throw the system into uncertainty,” he said.

Nagoda added that the suspension will remain in effect pending the outcome of the investigation, while reaffirming the board’s commitment to ensuring accountability and professionalism among healthcare workers.

“The Executive supervision will continue with full force and we expect everyone whose name appears on the duty roster to be at their post. Whoever is found wanting should have themselves to blame,” Nagoda warned.

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