Interspace Distribution Redefines Music In Nigeria With Monthly Royalty Report

Interspace Distribution Redefines Music In Nigeria With Monthly Royalty Report

InterSpace Distribution, a leading music distribution service offering digital marketing, has announced the launch of its innovative platform, specifically designed for independent artists and record labels aimed to redefine the music industry with comprehensive monthly royalty report.

InterSpace Distribution also reiterated the need to offer a comprehensive suite of services that empower musicians to take control of their music distribution and marketing like never before.

With InterSpace, artists can easily distribute their music to major platforms worldwide, including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, and more, with just a few clicks.

The platform also provides publishing services to ensure artists collect all their royalties and unlock additional revenue streams.

In addition, InterSpace offers promotional services that help artists gain exposure and target specific markets, boosting their presence in the competitive music industry.

The features provided by InterSpace Distribution set it apart from the competition. Artists can enjoy unlimited uploads, allowing them to distribute as much music as they want to 35 major streaming platforms in as little as three business days.

The platform also supports multiple artists under a single account, making it ideal for labels with up to 10 different acts. Additionally, InterSpace offers revenue sharing options, allowing artists to easily split revenue with collaborators, bandmates, producers, or partners.

One of the key benefits of InterSpace Distribution is its focus on transparency and artist empowerment. Artists have access to comprehensive monthly royalty reports, enabling them to track their earnings from various stores. The platform also provides in-depth royalty analytics, offering artists a detailed understanding of where their income is coming from.

“InterSpace has truly revolutionized the music distribution landscape in Nigeria,” said DJ Fresh Oman, a satisfied user of the platform.

“They have provided me with a platform that I could have only dreamt of having a few years ago. As a DJ, I’ve been able to release music with no hassle at all. I highly recommend InterSpace Distribution for all your distribution needs.”

Speaking on the development, Founder and CEO of Interspace Distribution, Eric Okechukwu, said “we are proud to offer artists and labels in Nigeria a powerful and effective distribution platform.”

Eric Okechukwu clarified that the mission was to make the music industry fairer for independent musicians and ensure they receive the recognition and compensation they deserve adding that, “With InterSpace, our users have everything they need in one place to kickstart their music career and reach a global audience.”

“InterSpace Distribution was committed to providing top-notch customer service and support to its users. A dedicated team is available to promptly resolve any queries or issues that artists may face throughout their journey on the platform,” he added.

With a comprehensive suite of tools and services, InterSpace Distribution empowers musicians to take control of their music distribution and marketing, ensuring they receive fair compensation and global recognition.

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