Journalist Hit By Strange Bullet In Kano Gov’t House

Journalist Hit By Strange Bullet In Kano Gov't House

A journalist with Abubakar Rimi Television station (ARTV), Naziru Idris Ya’u, has been hit by a stray bullet at the Kano State Government House in Kano.

The incident occurred around 6pm of Friday, May 3, 2024, according to a report on a local radio station in Kano, which was monitored by our Correspondent.

Naziru was spending time with friends in the Government House premises when he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his arm. On checking, he saw a bullet lodged in his arm and realised he had been shot.

“I felt something hit my arm and saw that it was a bullet,” Naziru said. “It seemed to come from a distance as it was cool to the touch.”

He managed to remove the bullet himself and was promptly taken to the Government House clinic for medical attention.

LEADERSHIP reports that the incident happened on World Press Freedom Day, observed annually on May 3. The timing has raised concerns about the safety of journalists and potential threats to press freedom.


However, no one has taken responsibility and the source of the bullet, which appeared like a stray bullet, remained unknown at press time.

Naziru revealed that his injury was minor, and he received medical treatment at the clinic. After being given medication, he was discharged and allowed to go home.

Police officers stationed at the Government House have launched an investigation into the source of the gunshot as they were working to determine where it came from.


So far, neither the Kano State Police Command nor the State Government has reacted to the incident.

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