Kingmakers To Choose New Emir In Kano

Kingmakers To Choose New Emir In Kano

Following standing tradition in Kano Emirate, four kingmakers will decide who will be next Emir of Kano with the passing of the Kano Emirates Council Law Repeal Bill 2024 by the State House of Assembly which abrogated the establishment of the five emirates in the state on Thursday.

The decision, which came after the bill scaled its third reading, sets the stage for the appointment of a new Emir of Kano.

The new legislation abrogates the five Emirates established under the repealed law, including that of the current Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero.

Majority Leader and representative of the Dala State Constituency in the House, Lawan Hussaini Chediyar Yan Gurasa, who sponsored the bill told the press that the bill has been forwarded to Governor Abba Kabir Yusuf for assent.

“With the passage of this bill, there is no longer an active emir in Kano in any of the five emirates – Kano, Bichi, Gaya, Rano, and Karaye. The law now authorises the governor to call upon the traditional kingmakers to choose a new emir,” stated Hussaini.

Additionally, all district heads elevated or appointed under the repealed law will revert to their previous positions.

The traditional kingmakers of the Kano Emirate, representing the leading Fulani clans who led the Jihad in Kano, will play a crucial role in selecting the new emir.

These clans; Yolawa, Jobawa, Sullubawa, and Dambazawa have held the responsibility of kingmakers since around 1819.

The four key kingmakers, who also serve as district heads, include the Madakin Kano, Makaman Kano, Sarkin Dawaki Mai Tuta, and Sarkin Ban Kano.

The repeal of the Kano Emirates Council Law 2020, which originally established the five new emirates is expected to restore the singular prominence of the Kano Emirate and reaffirm the historical roles of the kingmakers.

As the governor prepares to act on the new bill, the selection of a new Emir of Kano is anticipated to be a closely watched process, with significant implications for the traditional and political landscape of Kano State.

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