“Lagos people and over doing things” – Video of ladies disregarding the no pictures restriction in a restaurant (WATCH)

"Lagos people and over doing things" – Video of ladies disregarding the no pictures restriction in a restaurant (WATCH)

Nigerian lady exclaims after finding ladies in a restaurant disregarded the no-picture restriction policy in Lagos.

Sharing on TikTok, the lady identified as @brownofficial__ stated she had gone to the luxurious restaurant to eat lunch when she discovered a large amount of ladies taking pictures.

In the video shared, different ladies could be seen in the corners of the restaurant taking pictures and changing their outfits without taking permission from the restaurant.

She noted that girls with different outfits were moving from pillar to posts, creating vlogs for their social media accounts.

The video captioned,

“The crowd was crazy !! Lagos people pls try to use sense while doing your things because, these are part of the reasons why they dont allow pictures anywhere again.”

The restaurant permits their customers to act freely but Lagosians tend to misuse the opportunity, taking pictures despite the no pictures restriction policy, turning the restaurant into a marketplace.

The lady also added that she had to leave the restaurant immediately as she felt irritated by the other ladies’ disorderliness.

Netizens expressed disappointment as the restaurants tend to make no sales because the majority come to the restaurant to take pictures for content creation. Many opine that restaurants with picture restrictions have minimum revenue.

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