Man who went m!ssing in 1996, found c@ptive in his neighbor’s underground pit in Algeria

Man who went m!ssing in 1996, found c@ptive in his neighbor's underground pit in Algeria

An Algerian man, Omar Bin Omran who disappeared 28 years ago at the age of sixteen has been found alive in his neighbor’s cellar.

It was revealed that Omar was found inside a hole in his neighbor’s underground pit covered with haystack.

Omar Bin Omran in a pit covered with haystack

Omar was said to have disappeared in 1996 while on his way to a vocational school in the city of Djelfa, Algeria.

His family had lost all hope after he was not found during a search they had launched involving their dog which was later poisoned after it picked up Omar’s scent close to where he had been held captive.

Before Omar Bin Omran was abducted and After he was foundBefore Omar Bin Omran was abducted and After he was found

They all concluded that he had been killed because of the ongoing civil war between the Algerian government and Islamist rebel groups.

Unknown to them, Omar was held captive just 200 meters from his family’s residence by a neighbor underneath a pile of hay.

Omar Bin Omran as a teenagerOmar Bin Omran as a teenager

Omar’s captivity came to light after his captor’s brother exposed him on social media over an inheritance dispute.

The post tipped Omar’s family off, who then stormed the home of the 61-year-old civil servant and there he was found.

It was reported that the civil servant who lived alone was often seen buying food for two people.

Omar had told his rescuers that the times he saw his family from where he was locked up, he was unable to call for help because his abductor cast a spell on him.

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