Moment a father unknowingly used hair removal to wash his daughter’s hair

Moment a father unknowingly used hair removal to wash his daughter's hair

A shocking incident was posted on Tiktok by @Staceyrey7, it happened when a father used a hair removal cream to wash his daughter’s hair.

He had assumed the cream or soap to be used to wash and condition hair, but was shocked when his wife upon seeing the cream, inquired what he was doing.

The father touched the hair and with his grip came her hair all falling off. He realized in shock that he had been using the wrong product all along and it had in fact, damaged the little girl’s hair.

Netizens were filled with outrage, and even more so when the couple engaged in a shouting bout instead of swiftly salvaging what was left of the hair.

Read some of the comments,

@Favour Agbai: Please hope this is a prank 🥺

@Amarachi Esther Iroegbu: Such careless parents.

@Olufunke Temiye: All the stupid time they are arguing and wasting precious time; grab the kid and wash that nonsense off first then go back to arguing as if your lives depend on it. Gosh!!!

@Clare Apumami: So heartbroken. Over a stupid prank. Hair removal doesn’t foam like that. Part of the hair is pulled is much longer than the rest of the hair… Na wa.

@David Ikonne: Una dey yell instead of washing it off… content creation. And he’s calling her “bro”. Okay

The hilarious part to this was the girl touching the soap on her head and tasting it, as if to ascertain whatever is best known to her.

See the video as you scroll,

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