“Must you talk” – Actor Kevin Ikeduba quizzes men who k!ss and tell (VIDEO)

"Must you talk" – Actor Kevin Ikeduba quizzes men who k!ss and tell (VIDEO)

Popular Nigerian actor Kevin Ikeduba has in a recent video he posted on his Instagram page shunned men who kiss and tell.

The veteran actor told men to desist from pointing out women they have been with adding that there is no award for it.

In Kevin’s opinion men who brag about the number of women they have been with are kissing and telling.

He also added that men and other ladies who behave in such a manner, need to stop it, because it is not a nice thing to do.

The actor said;

“The bible said he without sin cast the first stone which means all of us are sinners, all of us including me Kevin, nobody is a saint, and nobody is more holy. But you see in this life it is not good to know too much and do too much. I am making this video for guys who do too much and say too much, the guys I am talking about are does who kiss and tell, must you let the whole world know you have slept with a particular girl some of the guys who even do this have never slept with that particular girl before, but they will give people the impression that they have had their way with her must you talk. Have you received any awards for sleeping around? How many people have clapped for you? What have you gained from all these you are doing? The ones you have been with and the ones you have not been with you would lie that you have slept with them all. You don’t need to tell the whole world what you do or what your experience with people is.[sic]”

Watch the video below,

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