Nigerian Becomes PGA Graduate In UK

Nigerian Becomes PGA Graduate In UK

A Nigerian, David Waziri, has become a graduate of Professional Golf Association (PGA) graduate in the United kingdom.

PGA Waziri, a middle-aged man, was among only two black people in the midst of 121 graduates of the prestigious PGA in partnership with University of Birmingham.

LEADERSHIP reports that the program was a three-year full sporting course with modules in Golf Coaching, Applied Sports Science, Custom Fit and Technology among others.

Sharing his experience at the end of the academic programme via a telephone conversation, PGA Waziri said, it was worthwhile and that he is now well-equipped to impact his wealth of knowledge especially in the sports sector anywhere in the world.

He said, “The world is ours, there’s a demand for PGA professionals globally and opportunities are vast in all continents. It’s all down to you as an individual what and where you wish to pursue as your career path.”

“You appreciate the hard work and sweat when you get dressed in that blazer with the PGA Professional emblem. The feeling is unexplainable but yet fulfilling. It’s a privilege to be recognised and be a member of one of the elite sports associations in the world.”

On why he made a decision to toe the study path of a comprehensive sports industry and his passion to deplore his wealth of knowledge, the Nigerian PGA graduate said, “The opportunity to expose our country to the sport of golfing. Golf is often known as a prestigious sport, only for the elite but this opportunity is available for everyone despite your background. Talent is there in Nigeria to nurture, grow and educate people of all ages that a career in Golf is very possible and moreover extremely rewarding.

“That’s my vision and utmost passion. And it is my desire that I have the support of those above me in the Sports Ministry to allow this vision to come to pass. Beyond academic knowledge, there’s more that can be offered to our children to enhance their lives and grant them exposure which will bring a reward to them as individuals or to the nation.”

He also spoke of the need for Nigeria to take the grassroots development of sports especially Golf seriously at all school levels, adding, “We need to support and encourage sports, be it Golf or any other sport, is just as important in the educational facilities, just as we view academics and I’m here to work on that for my nation” he stressed.

PGA Waziri works  with American Golf – one of the biggest golf retailers in England as a Store Manager /Golf Coach and is the only black manager In the company.



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